Blackberrypie Series

BlackBerryPie: A Metaphor for Romantic

Shadows in the Dark
By Mary Sinclaire

Kate has it all. Independence, traveling the world, and a promising career. She is fulfilling her dreams. She met Bob and fell dangerously in love. Torn between passion and Bob’s erratic behavior, Kate is thrown on a course of confusion and destine for destruction. She eventually turns to alcohol to deal with her new reality.
But Kate doesn’t lose herself. She goes out on a limb but she finds her way back. She remembers what she was taught at home. Her good strong values kept her afloat.
Shadows in the Dark is intricately weaved, combining exciting plots with characters who are dealing with issues and choices. They share a common bond of loyalty, trust, and friendship. They call themselves “Crescent Moon” and they live in all parts of the world.

In all upcoming BlackberryPie Series,
the excitement and thrills continue.
Meet the characters. Their story never ends!
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